Service Learning in SpCm 212

Alex Reading in Studio
Alexandra Weaver reading in the Des Moines recording studio

Option 1: Volunteer as a Reader for the Iowa Department for the Blind in their digital recording studio located in downtown Des Moines.

This project will enable you to serve the vision impaired community by making audio books available to those who need them; at the same time, this project will allow you to concentrate on development of your own vocal delivery skills especially pace, inflection, pauses and vocal clarity.  While this project requires that you already have strong vocal skills and enjoy reading aloud, you will be able to develop those skills further by working on these narrations.

Complete Assignment Description: in WORD format, in .pdf format

Comments from and contact information for a couple students who have done the program.  Feel free to contact them for the "inside scoop."

Audition Information: in WORD format;  in .pdf format

Application Form: in WORD format, in .pdf format

After your Audition

Andy Reading
Andy Iversen preparing to read his text.

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